2000 Suzuki Hayabusa
Modification: PAIR Valve Removal

I chose to remove the pair valve during the HMF install.

Here is a drawing that you can download and print.
If you click on this pic, the one that opens is 631K.

First remove the bodywork and lift the tank.

You will find on the right side of the air box the pair valve hose.

You will remove the hose and plug the inlet to the air box. I used a bolt.

Next, loosen the boots on the throttle bodies and lift the air box a little.
You will find a pair valve vacumm hose on the #4 throttle body.

Remove the hose and cap the vacuum inlet.

Remove the four pair valve hard lines.

Install the block off plates using either factory pair valve gaskets (around $5 each from Suzuki) ,
use some Ultra Copper High Temp RTV, or do as I did and, make some gaskets out of flat stock

The last thing to do is unbolt the valve.
I left the bracket, because to remove it would require unbolting two case bolts.
All done and now you have something to hang on the wall.