2000 Suzuki Hayabusa
Modification: HMF Install

busa naked
First step was to remove the body work. I chose to do this job with the radiator in place.
If you want a lot more room to work with, pull the radiator and oil cooler.
I didn't because I did'nt want to mess with breaking the fluid lines.
Then I pulled the stock cans. Followed by removing the stock header/midpipe assembly.

hmf vs. stock rear  hmf vs. stock front
The first of several trial fits.

header out right  header out left
With the header out, this is a great time to pull the pair valve, if your going to.

trial fit 
With the pair valve removed, I loosely bolted up the header.

right y-pipe  left y-pipe
Then a fair amount of pulling, pushing, twisting, bitching to get the alignment right.

wrapped header

Pulled it back out and proceeded to wrap it.

trial fit wrapped  clamps
Back in place, some minor adjusment while slowly hand tightening and it's in.
I polished the t-bolt clamps before proceeding with the midpipe install.

right view  left view
The muffler brackets are marked left and right. The kit comes with aluminum spacers and longer bolts.
The right side has the bracket against the frame, then spacers and finally the peg.
The left side had the spacers against the frame, then the backet and last the peg.
On the left side I added some washers between the bracket and the peg for additonal pipe clearance.

left cowling  right cowling
Last stage was to add the heat shield where the pipes come close.
I added some extra aluminum tape and stips of left over header wrap.

left cowling cut back
The left cowling melted slightly during the initial heat test.
I cut it back and added some heat shield.

I ground down the bracket that holds the bottom of the cowlings together.
This rest against the x-crossover, so I also shortened the bolts and added some heat shield.

center stand left  center stand right
I did retain the center stand, which required some light grinding on the weld where it was hitting.

DONE !  In daylight
All done and ready to Rock-N-Roll.