2000 Suzuki Hayabusa
Modification: Intergrated Turn Signals

I had to remove the original turn signals with the HMF exhaust install.
I chose to add them to the original tail light vs. using a trailer tail light integrator.

After removing the tail light assembly, I ground down the screw mount.
I use a carbide bit in my drill, but you can use a file, knife, Dremel...

I used the original turn signal rubber seal to determine the location, which is as far out as possible.
I then used it as a pattern to mark the size of the hole to cut.

I used a 7/8ths wood bit to make the initial cut. I did this by hand, not with a drill.
I had more control and once it was almost through, I cut it out with an X-Acto knife.

I then enlarged the hole with a file and the same bit in my drill that I used in the first step.

Here is a picture of the holes done.

The turn signal sockets are at an angle and not screwed directly in.
I used a small piece of popcile stick between the bulbs as spacers while I let the RTV cure.
I used only a small amount of RTV on the socket edges that face each other and the front edge.

I made the seperators from some stainless sheet metal I had laying around.
It was a bear to work with, but polished out nicely.
I first made a pattern from a piece of cardboard that I could trim easily by hand.
I then traced it on the metal and cut it with a pair of sheers. I then SLOWELY finished it on the bench grinder.
I spent a lot of time here trial fitting and taking off only a little at a time to get the perfect fit.

Last, the top front edge of the turn signal connectors are filed off a little to clear when the light is mounted.