1993 Mazda MX-5
Interior Mods & Upgrades




Click here to see the new steering wheel install.


  Wheel Skin Install

Came very quick from Afterthoughtsauto.com


Worn stock wheel, then the new cover intalled.
Hint: wear a glove on the hand you tighten the cord with.


Looks so much better and feels fantastic. Added bonus, that leather smell.


Chrome Bezel & Billet Needle Caps


First was to remove the screws from the bottom of the steering column cover.
Then the two screws from the bottom of the instrument panel housing.
With the steering column cover off, the panel housing slides forward.
There are large connectors on each side of the panel and a small connector on the left, that have to be unhooked.
The speedo cable on the right, just snaps off..


The guage cover just snaps on but the clear panel cover is glued in place.
I used a small screw driver to lightly pry about every inch all the way around to break the glue.
I took it slow and didn't pry much to avoid cracking the clear cover. Then the chrome bezel
went on with some double sided tape that was supplied with the bezel.


I polished the billet needle caps I got from Aerodramatics to a high lustre.
Cleaned it all up with some windex and put it all back. I nice shiney look.


Moss Style Bar


First the stock setup, then a comparison of parts and last in this row
how the instructions say you should stack these.


I found stacking to the instructions was to high for my taste, so first pic is my setup.
Not only is it lower, but by using the factory washer on top of the seatbelt bracket
the seat belt still swivels. It would not when stacked per the instuctions.


Custom DIY Windscreen


1st I cut a template of cardboard and went to my local plastic distributor and had a piece of 3/8" plexiglass cut.
I did some minor adjustments on my table sander, sanded the edges with some 400 then 2000.
Final edge polish with some Happisch SimiChrome.


It is mounted with some stainless captive washer screws. There are rubber isolators between the screen the and the bar.
Looks good, works great and cost me a total of $60.


Interior Accents

Momo Combat EVO shifter knob and custom leather boot.


Factory Trim Ring


Trim ring for a 2001-2002 Mazda Millenia.
Stock Miata console and new trim ring.


You can just see it over hangs a bit on the sides.
I marked it from the outside with a pencil and cut it with a Dremel.
Filed and sanded to fit the ring, that snaps in place.


Reinstalled the shifter boot and put it in the car.


Fabric Color Rejunvination


Time to do something about those faded seats. Easy to pull out by just unbolting the four 14mm bolts.
I did use a long breaker bar, as the bolts were really tight. Maybe just from age.
Anyway, masked off the plastic with some blue painters tape and shot two coats of fabric color.


This shows a before and after on the passenger floor mat. Did the seat belts too.
Final picture is what I used; Mar-Hyde Fabric Color - Black I picked up at O'Reily's Auto Parts.


Interior Insulation


Well, summer in south Texas is HOT, so I decided to do some serious insulation.
First, pull the seats out and pull the carpet back. I used a combination of automotive
aluminum covered felt and something called Reflectix I picked up at Home Depot.
It is layers of aluminum and tiny bubble wrap. Says it blocks 97% of radiant heat.


Next I used the orignal felt as a pattern to cut the Reflectix. I cut it a little oversize to
cover as much surface as possible, even if not originally covered.


After putting down a layer of the Relectix, I used the front pieces as patterns to cut
the automotive insulation as one piece. This gives me two layers everywhere, except under the seats.


The Relectix seam are all covered with aluminum tape used for air conditioning duct work.
After covering the trans tunnel with Relfectix, I made a custom piece to cover the entire area
with the automotive insulation. Then it was just a matter of putting all the interior pieces back in.

OK - I'll just say WOW! Not only is it cooler, but it's cut road noise down by about half. Sweet!