My Rega Planar 3 Upgrades

Audio Note Cart | RB-200 | RB-250 | Expressimo VTA | Rewire | Isolation Table



The original cart was a Grado GF3. I replaced it with an Audio Note IQ-2


The table originally came with a RB-200 "S" arm.


I replaced it with the RB-250 using the stub and weight from a RB-300.


Next was the Expressimo VTA adjuster, shown in the first pic. Then a before and after shot.
You can see how much I raised the arm, where I pushed the Rega black collar down against the VTA.


Now a DIY rewire. The original Rega wire, then removed, then the new cable I made from RG-316 coax.
This is not a mod for the faint of heart. The original cable is molded in and must be cut out carefully
so you can reuse the end cap. Also, the head wires are VERY delicate.


The two cables for comparison, new cable soldered in and the finished product.


The strain relief for the new cables and while I was at it, I cleaned and polished the spindle and guide.
Hint: there is a ball bearing in the guide, so be careful when you turn it over.

Last - Click on the pic to see more on my DIY isolation table: aka sandbox