Here is a list of the audio and video
components I use in my home theater.

Television: Samsung LN52A750

Klipsch Jubilee
Surrounds: JBL SAT2
Rear Effects: JBL SAT2
Front High: Infinity OWS-1
Center: Martin Logan Cinema
Sub: Danley Sound Labs DTS-10

Satellite: Scientific Altanta 8300HD

PreAmp: Onkyo PR-SC885 in the pic (changing)

Bluray/SACD/CD / DVD: OPPO BDP-103

Mains bass: SST Ampzilla 2000
Mains mid/treble: DIY LM3886 chip amp
Center: Jamo MPA-101
Front high, surround and rear: Elan D660

Power conditioning and control:
Panamax M5400