Mark's Maddness

SAE 2600(400wpc)
SAE 2500(300wpc)
SAE 2100L pre-amp
SAE 1800 parametric eq
Sanyo Model ? digital tuner
Cheap Sony CD player(want a Gemini Pro unit)
ART 355 31 Band Stereo eq/limiter
SAE X over (2 way)
SAE 5000 noise reduction
Pioneer PL 45 turntable

I built my speakers in 1976 when I bought my first SAE units, the Mark 1b Preamp and 2400L Amp.
Both are still humming along, with some necessary repairs/cleaning.

The Speakers are named Marc Ones, surprise! They are Kilpsch La Scala knockoffs in the low end horn, but I choose to make the upper unit a separate box for portability. All components are musical instrument quality (better than Klipsch!) Electro-Voice drivers that have never been serviced. The 3 way speakers are all horn loaded. They rock!


Other Systems

Bedroom 1 System:
Sansui CA3000 pre-amp
BA2000 (110wpc)
BA3000 (170wpc)amp
Sansui TU666 tuner
Sony portable CD player.

Bedroom 2 System:
Pioneer SA9100 Int. Amp (60wpc)
Pioneer TU9100 tuner
I've had both units since 1974.

Garage System:
SAE 2400L (200wpc)
Scott 314 FM tuner
SAE Mark 1b pre-amp
Sony portable CD player.