DIY Isolation Table : aka Sandbox

This was my first attempt at building an isolation platform - sandbox.


Design layed out before stepping into the garage to start.


3/4" MDF cut and then final assembly .


Painted with Krylon Semi-Flat black and then weathered stone finish.
Topped off with six coats of semi-gloss Deft.


Here is the pebble finish. The color was black sand. Then the final coats with Deft.
The glass beads are size number 10 and came in a 50 pound bag. I used about half the bag.


Here is the finished platform filled with glass bead media used in bead blasting.
Finer than sand, white
and covered with a piece of 1/2" glass.
The hardest part was getting the "sand" absolutely level.
Instant difference in the sound quality from the Rega.
The rumble that I had been experiencing since
installation of the high output Audio Note cart is gone.


Edit: Long Term Use
After years of use, the "sand box" contiues to work great.
I am not an engineer, so don't know why it works, but I believe it is electro-mechanical.
The glass is a great conductor. I takes the mechanical vibrations and transfers them to the "sand."
The sand distributes the vibration and dissipates it by turning the mechanical engery into heat.