My DIY Subwoofers


(Sub Atomic Express)   

(subs brought out for pic - normally in the corners w/gills)

If actions are proof of insanity, then I'm nuts or, at least, excessive.
I use two subwoofers each with an 18" McCauley ultra sub.
I was going to build them out of 3/4" MDF with a white oak veneer,
but I found a set of 3/4" MDF walnut veneered three way cabinets for $25.

Here is the transformation from three way to single sub:

6174 Specifications

My 6174 Drivers

Recut for 18" McCauleys

Redo the input connector

Recut and make new bottoms

Create ports in the horn cutout

Brace and foam

Install the McCauleys

The grills