6174 Ultra Subwoofer

The 6174 18" transducer is an ultra-high performance woofer designed to reproduce low and extended low frequency material at very high SPL's. The 6174's twin coupled magnet structures increase the power handling to 800w RMS / 1600w PROGRAM, while the system's convective cooling chambers actively dissapate heat. The 6174 offers over 2" of controlled, peak to peak cone excursion for exceptional performance, making it an ideal choice in high performance applications like touring class sound systems and theme park installations. OK, OK, it's might be considered a bit much for my den, but I like them because they



4" Inwound Voice Coil
Poured Cast Aluminum Basket
Natural fiber ribbed Cone
Twin Coupled Magnet Structures
High Excursion Santoprene Surround
Multi-Layer Suspension
Field Serviceable Basket Assembly
2" Dissapation Vent
Nickel Plated Brass Terminal Posts

Nominal Diameter 18" / 457.2mm
Rated Impedance 4 or 8 ohms
Power Capacity 1600 W cont. program
Sensitivity (1w / 1m) 94 dB
Frequency Range 15 Hz - 800 Hz
Highest Recommended X-Over 500 Hz
Recommended Enclosure Volume 6-12 ft³
Effective Piston Diameter 406mm / 16"
Voice Coil Material Copper Clad Aluminum
Voice Coil Diameter 100mm / 4"
Magnetic Coil Gap 0.4 / 10.1mm
Magnetic Assembly Weight 26 lbs / 11.8kgs
Flux Density 13,500 gauss
Bl Factor 15.3 T*m(8)
Moving Mass 0.222 kg
Fs Free Air Resonance 20 Hz
Re D.C. Coil Resistance 3.3(4) 5.6(8) ohms
Qts Total Quality Factor 0.340
Qms Mechanical Losses 2.900
Qes Electrical Losses 0.380
Vas Equivalent Volume of Air 25.9ft³
Sd Effective Piston Area 199 in³
Xmax Excursion - Max Bl 15.2 mm / 0.6"
Vd Sd x Xmax 200 in³
Le Inductance of V.C. 1.1 mH
%eff Mid Band Effeciency 0.66%
Pe Max Power Rating 800 W RMS sine wave
Overall Diameter 462 mm / 18.20
Overall Depth 254 mm / 10"
Bolt Circle Diameter 444 mm / 17.5
Front Mount 425.4 mm / 16.75"
Rear Mount 419 mm / 16.5
Net Weight 16.3 kg / 36 lbs