Series 70 Muffler Specifications

For my mild street truck, I went with the #530722
It is the quietist of all the Flowmaster series
It has a 3" inlet and dual 2.25" outlets

High Performance Street, Truck & RV

The 70 Series Big Block II™ is designed around a large Flowmaster case for maximum volume and efficiency. The case is also 2" narrower than Flowmaster's original Big Block™ muffler, making for easier installation in tight applications. The 70 Series offers a mild mellow exhaust tone and incorporates a Resonant Tuning Chamber for reduced interior sound levels.
Application Recommendations
  • High Performance Applications
  • Late Model Trucks with single exhaust and catalytic converters
  • Tow vehicles and RVs
  • Trucks with dual exhaust*

* H-Pipe is strongly recommended in all dual exhaust applications

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70 Series - 105k PDF