2000 Suzuki Hayabusa
Modification: Timing Retard Eliminator - TRE

After the HMF install I had poor performance just off idle, i.e. low rpm,
so I decided to add my own home made TRE. The TRE makes the ECU think it's in 5th gear
and thus, removes the timing retard below 3K or 4K rpm.

First, I pulled the seat, lifted the tank and located the sensor plug to the ECU.
It is on the left side towards the back. It's a white connector with a pink,blue and black wire.

I disconnected the two sides by pushing in on the locking clip and wiggled it a little while pulling apart.
Inside the connector you will see small tabs that hold the connector pins in place.
I needed to remove the PINK wire pin, so I pushed it in a little with a very small screw driver and it came right out.

Here you can see the free wire and pin.
To make it easy to put back stock, I used a small crimp connector to attach to the pin.
I crimped a 6.8K ohm resistor to the terminal and soldered the other end to the black wire.

I slid some red heat shrink over all of it. I didn't actually shrink it.
I was to keep it from shorting out against anything metal.
I tied it all down to the cable harness with a large tie wrap to keep it from vibrating.
Because my bike never sees rain, I wasn't worried about totally sealing the connections.

Final step was to test it. I ran the bike in neutral at about 2000 rpm.
I then pulled the clutch in and the rpm's dropped. This verified the TRE was working.