The Foreplay Cabinet

Here is a picture of the stock unit for comparison.


The first thing to do was mock something up in Photoshop.
Then cut the original wood to the new shape.
I routered all the edges for a nice smooth look.


I had to make a new back plate and lid to accommodate my new layout.
The lid and back are 6061 aluminum plate held down with button head stainless steel screws.


This is what it looked like during mock up and assembly. The knobs machined from 6061 billet.

The wood has four coasts of Minwax cherry #235 stain/sealer, sanded with fine steel
wool between coats. Then, finished with four coats of spray DEFT semi-gloss
clear wood finish. Again sanded with fine steel wool, even the last coat. So
what you see is a somewhat of a matte finish.