The creation of an illusion. It's what a great home theater experience is all about. An illusion that you're actually a part of the movie. Contrary to popular belief, big booming sound has little to do with this illusion. Accurate, clean sound offers the significant audio clues that trick your brain into believing you're in a movie. The subtle shuffle of a foot, a faint off-screen whisper, or the percussive resonance of a blast are all reproduced with astonishing realism by the Parasound P/SP-1500 THX Surround Processor/Preamplifier. It brings together the latest surround technology with the finest audiophile parts. All in a package that offers the easiest on-screen programming I've seen.
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Four Audio/Video Inputs, plus three audio-only inputs - Offers inputs for your audio and video equipment. A/V inputs offer composite and S-video switching.

Seven Processing Modes - Offers a diverse repertoire of listening choices including Dolby Pro Logic®, THX® Cinema, hall, ambiance, stereo direct, mono, and 5.1 Dolby Digital®-when used with our P/DD-1500 Dolby Digital® Decoder.

Lucasfilm THX® Processing - Proprietary circuitry developed by Lucasfilm provides unparalleled realism.

Re-Equalization - Corrects the high frequency boost mixed into soundtracks that makes movies played back at home sound unnaturally bright.

De-Correlation - Processes the surround channels so they blend more naturally into the background.

Timbre Matching - Helps surround channels sound similar in frequency characteristics to front speakers. Makes front to rear panning more realistic.Provides complete system status including active channels, center, and surround delay times, signal lock indication, and Dynamic Range.

Asymmetrical Crossover - 12dB/octave high pass, 24 dB/octave low pass compensates for room acoustics that make subwoofers sound boomy, and smooths out overall system bass response. With a THX-certified subwoofer, the built-in crossover diminishes the bass information received in your front speakers for improved dialog resolution and cleaner bass.

High Current Audio Section - P/SP-1500 functions as an audiophile-quality preamplifierfor all your critical listening. Internal gold-clad relay bypasses all processing circuitry to maintain sonic purity.

Analog ProLogic Circuit - Offers greatest dynamic range and often sounds more natural than digital ProLogic processing.

Discrete Dolby Digital Upgradeability - A DB-25 connector on the rear panel of the P/SP-1500 accepts an outboard digital adapter such as our Parasound P/DD-1500 Dolby Digital Surround Decoder. Upgrade to digital surround whenever you're ready.

Selectable Center Channel Operation - Depending on your Center Speaker, you can choose either Large (THX setting), Small, or None (Phantom) with your P/SP-1500.

Advanced Calibration Function - Allows you to manually select, adjust and memorize the output level for each of your six channels to accommodate different types of speakers and their placement. While it's easy to calibrate either on-screen or from the front panel, it's very difficult to accidentally uncalibrate the system. Maintains calibration memory even after power loss.

"On the fly" Channel Level Trim Function - Allows temporary readjustment of individual channel levels to compensate for individual soundtracks. Channels automatically revert to pre-calibrated levels once unit is turned off, or if modes or inputs are changed.

Full-featured Front Panel Display - Duplicates the on-screen display functions.

On-screen Programming - The easiest, most intuitive on-screen programming we've seen. Offers incredibly easy programming, using different colored screens to alert you to function, and superimposed text for unobscurred viewing while calibrating. Blue screen is generated even when P/SP-1500 is turned off.

Mode to Input Linking - Lets you recall a previously memorized surround mode and input level to automatically link with whatever input you select.

External Remote Connection - Allows for remote control when installed in a cabinet or remote zone control. Compatible with popular IR repeaters.

12 Volt DC Trigger - Allows you to activate equipment such as relays, rear screen projectors, amplifiers-any component that can be turned on with DC voltage. Ideal for multi-amp installations that use the Parasound SCAMP (Signal Controlled Amplifier Power).