JBL 2397 "Smith Horn" Clone


I started with some 1" bubinga on the CNC. The wood is so dense it machined like a dream.


Here are some pictures of the machined pieces before assembly. Also shown are the CNC aluminum vanes and a quick mock up.


Installing the threaded inserts into the bottom side of the top of the horn. Then a quick and dirty adapter for the JBL LE85 compression driver.


Here is one of the completed horns with three coats of finishing oil sitting on some temporary stands.


I built some "artsy" asymmetrical stands. I think they fit the 60's Olympus. Then faced the 2405 tweeter with the same wood.


I built custom crossovers for the JBL C50 Olympus bottom end, LE85/2397 mids and 2405 highs.